The process of process

This is not a big secret or something unusual, or even a process I follow strictly while doing comics (honestly, it´s not good to do comics in only one way), but this particular comic conception was registered in its essence by Andres Tapeton (and his telephone with picture camera in it), and I saw the opportunity of keeping this blog updated while I´m focusing on crying of desperation while doing my animation final film. Ok, let go for the comics.

It´s basically divided in 4 steps:
1 – Drawing the freaking grids for the panels.
2 – Penciling in blue the lines and the baloons.
3 – Drawing the character (still with the blue pencil).
4 – Inking
Not shown here but obviously done in the process:
5 – Scan
6 – Photoshop it
7 – Eat something
8 – Post it

And the final result is here.

Not that exciting, right? But don´t miss next week, I´ll show how I turn scrambled eggs into a Harry Potter cosplay.

Oh, and some behind the scenes, this is where I´m doing comics this year, while not animating (or taking naps, or crying of desperation).

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