Animation Year

After a whole year of not showing up in the blog very often I can finally give an excuse for it, I was doing 2 animation shorts this year, and to prove it, here goes some images with explanation words.

Reading Kills was an idea that I had in 2007 (I believe) after watching Don Hertzfeldt´s “Rejected”. At that time I had no idea how to animate, so I kept the idea in an old paper that luckily didn’t get lost until 2011 when I entered VFS and had to work on a classical animated film.
The whole short took around 5 months (5 months of deadlines!) to be completed, same period that I renounced to shave my beard until completition of the film.
The film doesn’t have a main character, it just follows the plotline (self explained by the title) with its consequences. It was great to work like this, but also suicidal to have 17 different characters and 14 backgrounds (plus all the layers), for example I have some layers of characters that are just pupils, moustaches, eyelids and so on…these were due my obsession of not having the lines boiling as the character moved.

Another thing that I worked a lot during the film, were the FX, I believe I used all the principles by drawing fires, smokes, water, explosions and clown jokes (this is not FX…good job, you’re paying attention).
I believe sanity and some laughs after overnights were brought by all the smears and multiples that were applied on the animation, they were the sunshine after those long nights and overnights.

Another good part of the work was to deal with the lip-sync for the characters, since they were going to talk gibberish I created “fake” dialogues to guide me through the process of drawing mouths and making it look like they really had a message behind all the nonsense they’re saying.
So the film was finished after these steps: storyboard, layout, rough animation, clean animation (done with a brush pen), scanning, Toon Boom, photoshop, sleeping pills (paying attention, right?), After FX and finally Premiere.

Now for the Flash Film

The Almighty Adventures of the Fantastic Duo was done in Flash and After FX. I only had 1 month to develop the story and finish it, in the mean time I had to learn Flash, which would be an important tool to finish this….FLASH film.
I only noticed the strong influence of Flapjack after finishing it and some people telling me while I layed on the ground unconscious. I guess the whole concept of 2 buddies in the sea inside a rum barrel looking for adventure was a clue.

My main goal was to keep it simple, only 2 characters and 1 background (even though I ended up with 3 characters, I know…too much drama for 1 more character). I had the help of great animator Fernanda Ribeiro when I was giving up with the idea of having nicely colored detailed close ups of the characters, she volunteered to colour nicely my illustrations and the result was amazing.
Other than that I enjoyed working with flash (it was really…FAST to learn *turum-pa). I ended up doing the sound for the film, which also brought some sunshine for my nights but not free breakfast the day after at the nearby coffee shop as I tried to explain the lady.

Anyway, this whole year should be seen through a learning curve graphic that I don’t intend to draw, but you should picture a sharp curve up, and up should be good.

The films will be online next week, so….Behold!

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6 Responses to Animation Year

  1. Fatim says:

    I can’t wait! good job Beto

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