This was the last comic I did before moving back to Brazil, I still have some more that will be done in english..but english comics will decrease eventually (but I’ll still make them). And if you have been to a 25 cents Peep Show, please let me know what happens in there and how many STD you got in 5 minutes.

In other news, my short film, Reading Kills, got selected to some really cool festivals:
– File  Anima + (Brazil)
– Anima Mundi (Brazil)
– Toronto Animation Arts Festival International (Canada)
– Fest Anca (Slovak Republic)

If you have money and want to send me to Slovak Republic, let me know, because those guys offered me accomodation and lunch (I can pay for dinner, if there’s tuna). If not, I’ll be going to the festivals here in Brazil with no lunch or dinner, think about it.

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One Response to Peeping

  1. Steven Koshin says:

    BETO! You should do English comics just for me, or recommend a good translator so I can read Portuguese Capitano.

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