Working train

Recently (februrary is recent, right?) I did 2 Happy Birthday e-cards for Jib Jab, and 1 of these is now online! I was responsible for the character design and animation. They also did a short interview with me to promote it (I’m thinking the same thing as you are). The card is called Forever Immature, which was more than appropriate, and you can watch it here.
The interview on the Jib Jab page is here.

But below you’ll find some of my early concepts, BG’s and the interview (if you didn’t click on the link above). 

1.) Where did you go to school?

I graduated at Vancouver Film School`s classical animation program in 2011.

2.) How long did this card take to animate?

It took me around 2 weeks, from character design and visual development of the piece, to the final animation.

3.) Where did your inspiration come from?

Inspiration for the designs come usually from all the influence I had growing up as kid reading comics from Brazilian artists such as Angeli and Laerte, and also the great group of cartoonist from Mad magazine, Sergio Aragones, Duck Edwing, Al Jaffee and many others. I guess for these designs I unconsciously pictured them living at the Del Boca Vista retirement condo (maybe I should specify it’s a Seinfeld reference), but again, I think they’re way more active than anyone living at Del Boca Vista.

4.) Have you ever pulled any of the pranks in the card?

I used to ring door bells a lot. The frequence of this prank just decreased as me and my friends got slower for the running away part.

On other news: I still don’t have a table to draw with (I just moved), and that’s my excuse for not updating the blog, but I still have some good ol’ tuna, so join me.

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