Working for the working man

The latest news from me, are that some stuff that I did a while ago are finally hitting the internet, so I can look busy.

First, there’s a new interview with me at Jib Jab’s blog about the other animation I did for them. I liked this one a lot better, although I still struggle a bit to get fully happy with how my drawing look on flash. On this one Rafael Rosa helped with some animation, as I remember I was really sick at the time and freaking out with deadlines. So yeah, go check the e card and the short interview. Below is how my designs started and how it looked in the end.

On other news, the Motorcity episode I worked on aired a while ago. I don’t watch the show but the designs, animation and all post production are really appealing. I don’t think I can post anything here, but I did some rough animation on episode 12 “Reunion”. All clean ups and post production were done by Titmouse. Anyways, I had a lot of fun drawing and animating out of my comfort zone.

There will be some more news before the month ends, for now here are some colorblind doodles.

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